ANGELINNA, Proposition # 15

   Kurt RYSLAVY  -  110, Franz Schröckenfuchs, etc.

110, Franz Schröckenfuchs, etc.

Du 9 mai au 31 juillet 2021

Exposition en trois phases

200 paintings, large and small. No two subjects alike. Interesting to all. For sale.

Le complexe paternel

exposition du 10 juillet au 31 juillet 2021  

Troisième phase - Le complexe paternel

ANGELINNA #15 Kurt RYSLAVY - Le complexe paternel

Ref COLL35 sans titre 39 x 46,5 cm (K. Ryslavy senior *1920 +1992)


Le complexe paternel

During the third opening on July 10, 2021, there were still 200 oil paintings by Kurt Ryslavy on display, wrapped, arranged on the floor in groups of the same size. Above them, on the wall, hung 5 works by the pharmacist Kurt Ryslavy Sr. (1920-1992), which he had always presented as early works to Kurt Ryslavy Jr.. The rift between father and son had occurred when the son dropped out of his pharmacy studies, announcing his intention to indulge his passion for art and literature, and started to study philosophy. 

Later, he would also go on to attend the Academy of Fine Arts. 10 years later, his father's wife (stepmother to Kurt Ryslavy Jr.) inherited these works, and it was not until 27 years later (shortly before his death) that she explained to Kurt Ryslavy Jr. that her husband, father of Kurt Ryslavy Jr., had produced these works in his spare time when he was about 60 years old, because he had

wanted to understand why his son, with whom he had quarrelled so much, had - much to his despair - been so interested in painting, Before this break with his son, he had always contented himself with collecting postcards representing paintings by famous artists. After the death of his mother-in-law, Kurt Ryslavy Jr. inherited these so-called early works from his father.

Deuxième phase - Le traumatisme du collectionneur

ANGELINNA #15 Kurt RYSLAVY - le traumatime du collectionneur , avec l'oeuvre Luc Deleu

ANGELINNA #15 Kurt RYSLAVY - le traumatime du collectionneur avec les oeuvres de Bernard Villers et Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost

ANGELINNA #15 Kurt RYSLAVY - le traumatime du collectionneur avec les oeuvres de .Vaclav Pozarek et Vaast Colson

ANGELINNA #15 Kurt RYSLAVY - le traumatime du collectionneur vitrines 1 - 2

ANGELINNA #15  - le traumatime du collectionneur Kurt RYSLAVY, le 30 mai 2021

110, Franz Schröckenfuchs, etc.

Des œuvres d'un artiste inconnu qui peignait dans la solitude et l'anonymat,

Des artistes. Des galeristes, un collectionneur, cachotteries d'un père.

Des œuvres emballées, des œuvres dévoilées, des toiles avec des commentaires illisibles. Du commerce, du vin, des ivresses provocatrices, de l'humour millésimé.

Pour cette 15e proposition, les vitrines Angelinna accueille pour trois mois Kurt RYSLAVY (Graz, 1961) artiste conceptuel polymorphe, marchand de vin autrichien, collectionneur et fouineur de l'art.

Kurt Ryslavy présentera une réflexion en trois actes sur la notion de création, trois installations in-situ, énigmatiques et surprenantes qui laisseront, comme à son habitude, les visiteurs perplexes et interrogatifs. Kurt Ryslavy se jouant toujours avec délectation du monde de l'art, de ses codes, de son commerce, de ses opacités et de ses perversions.

Créer, faire dans le secret ou sous les lights - communiquer ou interroger - être reconnu et vendu ou méprisé et rejeté - entrer dans le marché ou marcher dans la marge,... autant de plaisanteries faisant la vie artistique depuis toujours et dont Kurt Ryslavy se régale à divers degrés.

Une édition trilingue contribuera peut-être à quelques éclaircissements, aux questionnements et aux incompréhensions qui assailleront les spectateurs.

Michel Clerbois, commissaire de l'exposition

110, Franz Schröckenfuchs, etc.

Works by an unknown artist who painted in solitude and anonymity,

Artists. Gallerists, a collector, the secrecy of a father.

Packaged works, unveiled works, canvases with illegible comments. Trade, wine, provocative intoxication, vintage humor.

For this 15th proposal, the showcases Angelinna welcomes for three months Kurt RYSLAVY (Graz, 1961) polymorphous conceptual artist, Austrian wine merchant, collector and snoop of art.

Kurt Ryslavy will present a reflection in three acts on the notion of creation, three in-situ installations, enigmatic and surprising which, as usual, will leave visitors perplexed and questioned. Kurt Ryslavy always playing with relish the world of art, its codes, its commerce, its opacities and its perversions.

Creating, doing in secret or under the lights - communicating or questioning - being recognized and sold or despised and rejected - entering the market or walking on the sidelines, ... so many jokes that have always made artistic life and including Kurt Ryslavy feasts to varying degrees.

A trilingual edition will perhaps contribute to some clarifications, questions and misunderstandings that will assail the spectators.

Michel Clerbois, exhibition curator

110, Franz Schröckenfuchs, etc.

Phase 1 - 200 paintings, large and small. No two subjects alike. Interesting to all. For sale.

ANGELINNA #15 Kurt RYSLAVY - 200 paintings, large and small. No two subjects alike. Interesting to all. For sale.

Kurt RYSLAVY, le 09 mai 2021